The next generation
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Social media has grown up. And so have you.

Today's most popular social apps are great for entertaining, but do little to prepare young adults to become responsible, successful adults. Suddenly, 'dopamine' is a bad word.

'A chemical that makes you feel good and is important for your brain'

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We encourage our members to engage in uplifting conversations, no cringey politics or hate speech allowed. Our community is for celebrating the things we love in life, and giving our friends a positive boost!
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AF Hangouts are curated and monitored by Hosts who drive the conversation, promoting inclusive, fun environment.
Join as many Hangouts as you'd like, and expand your online community.
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To combat the mental health crisis, we are forming partnerships to give our members resources and coaching to increase overall wellness.
Although we promote positivity, we need to keep things real and speak up when we need help.
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We can't fix social media in one go. Over the next few years we will continuously expand our offerings, incorporating new tools to bring people together. As our community evolves, so will we.

"The pandemic accelerated the mental health crisis and this generation needs an app that's uplifting, builds confidence and enhances social growth and relationships."

Josh Luke
Founder, CEO
AnyFans Core Contributors

Meet the team

2023 Initiatives

Your Time to Thrive

Our Hosts deliver content on a schedule and oversee the continued conversation inside curated Hangout Rooms. We are driving more interactivity, more authentic relationships and providing more opportunity for members to learn and engage.

By frequenting the same Hangouts on a regular basis, AF members can be both entertained and educated to evolve toward an individual vision of personal success -- all while being surrounded and supported by a community with similar interests and aspirations.

It’s Your time to Thrive.

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