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Redefining social for the next generation

Through years of polling and feedback from college students in Southern California, AF Social has pinpointed the major flaws of available social media. We've made a plan to aggressively address those issues by introducing a platform that is built around community engagement.

By employing our Hosts to deliver content on a schedule and oversee the continued conversation inside their Hangout Room, we are driving more interactivity between users and more authentic relationships. By tuning in to the same channels on a regular basis, AF users can enjoy a long-form conversation and feel more connected to the group.

This is just the beginning.

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All the major tech companies are in a race to get to web 3.0 - interactivity is the future of tech. Engagement is rewarded in our gamified user experience.
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AF Hangouts are curated and monitored by hosts who drive the conversation, promoting inclusive, fun environment.
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Hosts promote authenticity and positivity to combat constant mental health challenges GenZ faces.
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We can't solve social media in one go. Over the next few years we will continuously expand the platform, adding our own streaming app and incorporating new tools to bring people together.
Why AnyFans?

"The pandemic accelerated the mental health crisis and this generation needs an app that's uplifting, builds confidence and enhances social growth and relationships."

Josh Luke
Founder, CEO
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When AnyFans fundraising campaign went live, more than $100,000 was committed within 24 hours.
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**Our crowdfunding round has officially ended. We appreciate the generous support of our many investors in 2022. Those with investment interests in the seed round can reach out directly to our management team.

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